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Perennial Land - The Data Forest is an experiential installation that combines the beauty of various forest environments with the importance of data-driven insights into a human's impact on nature. We want to push aside the modern habit of thinking of nature–culture divide, decolonize technology and highlight the ways landscape contributes to social, political and psychic ideas of space. The vulnerability of the environment is directly related to that of certain communities. Nature does not need us. We need nature. Perennial Land - The Data Forest is part of the Care and Climate Justice exhibitions series at Sarah Lawrence College and Bronx Community College.

Presented at The Hall of Fame Gallery, CUNY-BCC - March 21-May 16, 2024



"Qualia" is an immersive video and sound installation by Laia Cabrera & Isabelle Duverger about our longing for connection to nature, through consciousness, awareness, and agency.​

“Qualia” is a sensory voyage where the line is blurred between the physical and the digital world, between the real and the imaginary. The gaze is a visual poem, gravitational Qualia: anxiety shaped into Surrealism, mythology, a nightmare turned fantasy, spontaneous solidarity, feelings of solitude, suspension, an embrace, the beginning of a smile, a hand falling and rising again, time and the fates.

Presented at Jersey City Theater Center October 13-15, 2023

as part of JCAST 2023 and Prelude Festival 2023 - Segal Center CUNY



An Immersive Cinematic Art Installation directed by Laia Cabrera in collaboration with Isabelle Duverger

A poem to Catalan landscape and architecture, a visual tone poem that uncovers new parallels between identifiable motifs of the land and the built environment, between nature and art. The tale it weaves navigates between gentle familiar territory and sudden, revelatory estrangement, spanning both distant memory and nostalgia for what is yet to come.

Comissioned and presented at the Delegation of the Government of Catalonia to the United States, Washington DC - White Space Gallery Chelsea - New York, NY - Coral Gables Museum, Miamia, FL - Sant Jordi USA festival - Jersey City Theater Center, NJ



Video created by Laia Cabrera & Isabelle Duverger with Lyric Title Design by Yimeng Yuki Yuan.

Music by The Rentals - Matt Sharp

Video is composed of the videoart of the immersive interactive art installation "Illusion" presented at Flutter Experience Art Gallery in Los Angeles created by Laia Cabrera & Isabelle Duverger


9th Configuration

Shifting Gaze is a film-art-music installation about choice, desire and memory conceived. Drawing from the body, faces, urban patterns, nature and remains of activity, the piece explores a notion of choice, linked to desire and memory –choice being the present, memory representing the past and desire, the drive for a future. Underneath these mirrored imageries lie many stories about limits, freedom and self-perception.

Comissioned by Georgetown BID, with Jamestown Properties, Georgetown Park, Spain Arts & Culture.
Presented on the Georgetown Canal, Georgetown Glow, DC. December 11-20, 2015

ECOSS festival, Fabra i Coats, Barcelona Spain 2020


Directed and filmed by Laia Cabrera, based on an original idea by Catherine Correa in collaboration with awarded choreographer Alexandre Proia
Actors/Dancers: Catherine Correa and Jonathan Royse Windham
Production design and visual effects by Isabelle Duverger
Presented as a Video and Sound Installation with Mapping at
Nuit Blanche - Art All Night DC 2013, JCAST HQ, Jersey City, NJ 2018, Plaxall Art Gallery, LIC, NY 2019 , ECOSS festival, Fabra i Coats, Barcelona Spain 2020


Music by Erica Glyn and Blair Wells - Album "Static"
Film directed and edited by Laia Cabrera
Assistant Director - Isabelle Duverger
Music Mix by Chris Lord-Alge
Launched with the article of Sonic Scoop "Power Sessions: Chris Lord-Alge
Turns The Tables – 10 Questions With Erica Glyn", April 19, 2012


Shifting GAZE is a film-video piece that sits somewhere between film-making, theater-dance, digital art, music and sound conceived by Laia Cabrera about CHOICE, DESIRE and MEMORY. 

Centro Metropolitano de Diseño. Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2012; MARCO. Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Vigo, Spain, 2012; El Tragaluz Digital. Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain, 2012; Festival Close Up, Cuale Cultural Center, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, 2012; AMA, Washington, DC, USA, 2012; Region Ø Latino Video-art Festival of New York, King Juan Carlos I of Spain Center of  NYU, USA, 2011; Spain Art Fest '11, Times Square, New York, USA, 2010


"Claim Your Place" explores beauty, desire and violence. The three pieces (the installation, the multimedia theater play and the film-dance piece) are conceived as a whole but can also function independently. The video installation surrounds the audience with real-time projections as well as pre-recorded ones, putting them center stage. The multimedia theater play takes the audience on a unique journey by merging cinematic art, dance, photography, theater, visual arts and exposition. In the film-dance piece, the audience observes projected imagery from the outside as a cinematic experience.


A film about the relation, uncommonness and beauty of innocence-belief. Where are the limits of our understanding of the emotions, how do we relate to the others and how do we handle the differences? Through the eyes of a little girl, its the world that we rediscover, the look at adulthood is biased and share its reality with elements of fairy-telling. 

Presented in the 2nd edition of the multidisciplinary festival "Jaen en Femenino", Jaen, Spain 
and at the Bienale Internacional de Arte Contemporaneo, Merida, Venezuela, 2010 


Created and edited by Laia Cabrera / Raw Footage by David Besora
A 24-hour journey in New York. ​
Presented in the exhibition "NY (p) NY (f) David Besora" at the Sala Gòtica, Insitut d'Estudis Ilerdencs, Lleida, Spain, July 3 to September 14, 2008


Singularity” embodies and exemplifies these hybrid art-making practices and our changing sense of space/nonspace. The piece employs a 3-canvas video using the imagery and symbolism from many sources. The piece is about the transitory nature of life and our intent to grasp, capture the instant. The soundtrack has original music and a voice over of two women contrasting feeling and thoughts in order to understand their sense of strangeness with life. ​

Inaugurated the International Video and Animation Festival "Animac" in Spain, Lleida 2006


Artistic-experimental film merging a narrative form with mental-abstract states. The film intends to frame the connection between micro and macro, the invisible labyrinths that connect us with the unconscious and the sudden changes that are beyond our expectations in life. Invisible uses digital projections too as a metaphor of ideas and dreams becoming objects.
Oficial selection Milano Film Festival 2006; Kinoforum Festival “Mostra International” Brasil 2005
Spain in New York, calendar of Cultural Events January-February 2005, Consulate General of Spain, Screening of Invisible with filmmaker talk back at Topia Arts Center,  MA, 2015


Co-direction and cinematography by Maria Litvan & Laia Cabrera; Written by Maria Litvan; Produced by Vertiginosas islands, NY; Cast: Jordi Rico, Carme Poll
"Relationships and the difficulty to communicate. In this case, the problem is not the lack of communication, but over-communication. When are we really saying what we want to say? When are we being understood as we would like us to be understood? When are we really listening when we are just thinking that we are listening? Words are a tricky thing, especially when we over-analyse them. The couple in "Falling Apart" is just an ordinary couple, their problem starts when they want to be so specific about what they are saying that they actually miss what they are saying." Maria Litvan ​


A multimedia essay about memory and oblivion.

We should talk about another memory. Not limited to remembrance. A memory made body, behavior. A memory is Act. It is impossible to invent a technique of forgetting, because it is impossible to forget an act of will. Without memory there is no survival. To remember is to select. ​

Knowledge Union, Media Studies Screening program, NYC ​


Written and Directed by Laia Cabrera; Produced by Vertiginosas islands, NY. and The New School

Cast: Maria Litvan, Carme Poll, Daniela Sepúlveda, Natalia Sepúlveda, Verónica Lamaison, Elisa Morrison

Making choices in life - choices that are under some sort of influence and that we must accept as a part of our nature. The main character decides not to get up from bed because "being afraid of deception", she prefers to live her life in her mind. But being in bed is a choice in itself. It is not bad or good, it is just a choice. I wanted to point out that living in a mental state is not necessarily a form of escape. In this case, it is the character personal way of approaching existence.

Best Cinematic Film at the 23rd. Annual Invitational Film Festival, New York. Land Escapes Mount Desert Symposium in the Arts. Bar Harbor, Maine, USA; The 23rd Annual New School Invitational Film Festival.  New York, USA; Enfoque en NY.  Quito, Ecuador. New  York, USA; Screen Addictions  Exhibition of video creations, Barcelona, Spain


Co-directed by Maria Litvan & Laia Cabrera; Written by Maria Litvan;
Produced by Vertiginosas islands, NY. | Executive Producer: Peggy Dale | Music by Laia Cabrera.
Lighting and scenic design by Sebastian Paczynski | Edited by Alberto Tonazzi
Cast: Hillary Spector, Joanna Oniszczuk, Demian, Jordi Rico
"Lines is entering into an imaginary space in which everything "is the truth and nothing but the truth", but at the same time "it is all lies". It is a journey in which there are no clear limits, time and space are all at once - there is no past, no present, no future, no here, no there. It is a journey in which our need to organize and understand things is left without explanatory cues. We are then free to interpret anything and anyone just as we want; perhaps as we do in "real" life." Maria Litvan
Lines is a short-film production. There are plenty of technical challenges presented by the film and its concept: presentation of the unpresentable, erasure of boundary between past and present, nostalgia, parody, voyeurism, sexual ambiguity and the characteristics of an independent short film: anti-theatrical, thought provoking and emphasis on the structure of individuals shots.

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